- Inspired by the street silhouettes of Japan -

I have always been fascinated by the stark contrast of the ‘harajuku girl’ archetype and the traditional geisha girl. I am inspired by the voluminous silhouettes and the bold, unusual expressions of the modern Harajuku girl, I also admire the high quality craftsmanship of the kimono and the traditions it carries with it. When I design I like to think that alone, the garments nods to the detailed and precise construction of Japanese traditional textiles but when layered or eccentrically styled together, are a homage to the quirky and playful personalities of the Harajuku girls. This allows the pieces to be your own canvas and mark your unique flare on how you want to wear your wardrobe.


ITADAKI began as a way to express my Japanese heritage. I am half Japanese/ Australian, but was raised in Australia so Itadaki is a way for me to feel close to my Japanese roots and immerse myself in the culture whilst not actually being present in it.

The brand is my way of celebrating connection through culture and community. It stands as a tribute to our collective families, to our loved ones, to all those that have nurtured each of our unique, authetic selves.


It takes so much to create sustainable clothing. Working in the fashion industry it is so abundantly clear how much time, effort and skill goes into producing even just a single garment.

It is so important to me that the value of craftsmanship and the appreciation for quality clothing is honoured. I want you to be able to love and cherish your pieces not just for one season but forever.

I am highly aware and understand my impact and responsibility as a designer in the industry, and I will always strive to be innovative, resourceful and transparent. I am so proud to be cultivating a community of conscious consumers that can appreciate the value and process of the clothing they wear.